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The WorldEdit

Alklaund, Land of the Winter MooseEdit

The White Moose Flats, The Alk TribesEdit

Boatbuilders, weaponcrafters, whalers, and raiders. Some mining and precious metals.

The Green MountainsEdit

Goblin and Bugbear tribes. Deep in the mountains, Hobgoblin and Orc kingdoms battle for supremicy in ancient feuds.

Parardia, Empire of the Sun Ascendant (Parard Empire)Edit

A primarily human empire that rose to power in a series of wars started by successive ambitious rulers over the past hundred and fifty years. Originally just a small kingdom on the north end of the archipellago lakes, it moved to conquer the lake-lands to the south, as well as the plains and forest to the east, establishing their power with magic traded from the elves to the east. Each successive king - soon, each emperor - pushed the borders further towards the southern and western coasts. Fourty years ago, they pushed east for the first time, in a bloody, vicious war with the eastern elven nation, which for many years had fallen into decline. The war lasted for a full decade, and encompased brutal gurilla warfare and spellcaster-on-spellcaster combat that ranged across both kingdoms. This war solidified Paradia as the predominant military and magic power of the area. However, while the war with the elves was perhaps the harshest and most costly, the recent war by it's newest Emperor was the closest to actual defeat. Venturing for the first time off the southern coast, the Parard Empire engaged in a nearly disasterous navel campaign against the Melane Kingdom where the wooden ships of the Empire were attacked and destroyed from below by the Melane's merfolk allies, in addition to a fair number of Elven privateers harassing supply lines. It was only the timely involvement of a fleet of Darron mercenaries, with their Ironsides neigh invulnerable to underwater Merfolk attacks, that saved the campaign from utter disaster. The Merfolk were decimated, the islands conquered, and the Empire expanded again.

Gregor's Desert, Archipellago Lakes, Sweseks (Duchy), Gleston (Capital)Edit

Region Known For: Glasswork, Pottery, Magical Architecture, Extreme Weather (except around capital, due to magic) Area has a number of lesser barons around the southern lakes.

The Great Dales, The Swallowtail Mountains, Lyndsbridge (Duchy)Edit

Region is known for: Farming, Cheese, Dairy, Leatherworking, Clothworking, etc. Breadbasket of Empire. Relatively sedate and agrarian. Some issues with goblinoids from mountains.

The Forest of Legs, Bannath (Duchy)Edit

Region is known for: Exotic reagents, Alchemic ingredients, Horrible insect problems, Massive Centapedes, An Arcane College, the ruins of an ancient and massive bridge across the nearby strait, and a large permenant military presence

Lightwood, Freywald (Duchy)Edit

Region is known for books, lumber, fine woodworking, high-quality horses, an arcane college. Was taken from the elves in a long and harsh ten-year campaign that started 40 years ago.

The Melane Archipelligo, Melane (Duchy)Edit

Region is known for: Seafood, trade routes, merfolk tribes, scrimshaw, elven pirates, a series of randomly placed but similarly designed half-sunk giant statues between islands. Having just been conquered, the area is in some turmoil, but nobles from the north are slowly working to establish their hold.

Darron, Kingdom of the Noble SigilsEdit



Cultured RacesEdit